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While the couple kept things under wraps for some time, preferring to maintain some privacy in their personal lives, the two have since been more inclined to open up about their whirlwind romance.

Aaron Rodgers has clapped back at the Chicago Tribune over a few recent tweets in which the newspaper trolled the Green Bay Packers quarterback, which presumably stems from the longtime rivalry between the hometown Bears and the Packers. It’s been several weeks since the Hennessy-chugging, shirt-hating, Cleveland Cavaliers shooting guard became the basketball equivalent of Bill Buckner when he made one of the biggest blunders in the history of the NBA.

It’s safe to say Aaron Rodgers is getting tired of all the reports that indicate he’s not happy with the Green Bay Packers, among other things.

In the initial post, Patrick wrote that they “covered a lot of topics, especially pertaining to kids, and – I got some good advice!Patrick broke up with longtime boyfriend Ricky Stenhouse late last year after five years together.Danica Patrick and Aaron Rodgers have been dating since at least January of 2018.Sunday, she gave her fans a sneak peek into just how she does it.Patrick, who obviously had to keep herself as strong as possible during her racing days, does not appear to be slowing down in retirement.

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