Consolidating multiple itunes 9 libraries

Got a whole bunch of libraries you want to consolidate into one?i Photo Library Manager lets you merge libraries while weeding out duplicate photos in the process.i Tunes 7 has some new and improved features to help people manage their music, movies, podcasts and pictures.

These directories contain your locally stored media, music, and movies, but they are not where i Tunes backups of i OS devices are stored, which are found elsewhere.

In my case, I store all fo my music on my external E:\ drive, so I just need to backup the XML file.

The default Windows location for these respective files are in the folder held down. Click the “Create Library…” button and select a folder to use as your library folder.

It can be easy to have multiple copies of the same photo creep into your i Photo libraries.

i Photo Library Manager lets you search for duplicates in one or more libraries, view them side by side, and take actions on them, such as moving duplicates to the trash, tagging them with keywords, and more.

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