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I mean it’s a great deal but I have upgraded to Thursday nights at Standard.If you like a less packed environment, the Strip is for you.Madison Social and Township are the type of place you take your parents to when they’re in town, the type of place you grab brunch and a mimosa on Sundays.These bars differ greatly from the rest of the bars on this list because they serve food, specialty cocktails and craft beers.Being that Pots is the closest bar to campus, a lot of freshman walk over there.On Thursdays, Pots has a AYCD special, better known as Purgatory, and freshman live for that shit.

Here’s a list of the best college bars in Tallahassee: Tallahassee’s most loved bar.

Being that there is over 40,000 people who attend Florida State University, there is a large variety of bars for students to enjoy on their free time.

There is literally something to do every single night in Tallahassee.

Those bars include: Ken’s Tavern, TENN, Red Rocks and Yanni’s.

Like Pots, the Strip is across the street from campus dorms, as a result bringing in a lot of freshman.

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Top Tier regularly hosts and you’re guaranteed to have a wild time.

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