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“You shame me, an old guy, for not being able to use We Chat!

” Xie explained later on, after regaining his composure.

The researchers tested 709-Crackdown terms by attempting to send messages with the content of related articles from various international and Chinese news sites.

Using this method, they identified 42 keyword combinations that get blocked by We Chat, noting that this list is likely not comprehensive.

Citizen Lab offers these further details: We Chat performs censorship on the server-side, which means that messages sent over the app pass through a remote server that contains rules for implementing censorship.

If the message includes a keyword that has been targeted for blocking, the entire message will not be sent.

Only the combination “Taiwan Voice Support China Human Rights Lawyer” was also blocked in one-on-one messages.

This shows that Chinese censors continue to be primarily concerned with larger-scale discussion of sensitive issues, and are willing to tolerate small outbursts of criticism between individuals.

All of these combinations, except one, are censored only in group chat.Besides Facebook and the likes, the application that is most dangerous in causing this movement to grow strongly is We Chat.Through this medium, this LGBT group starts to connect and expand,” Hanafiah was quoted as saying.“Whether it is the LGBT movement or other troubled teenagers that we found. Using the ‘touch & go’ concept, they have sex and illegitimate children are born,” he added.While Citizen Lab has found evidence of censorship on We Chat in the past, its new report shows how the content that triggers censors gets updated as the environment of sensitive material evolves.They specifically looked at how We Chat treats messages related to China’s targeting of hundreds of human-rights lawyers—detaining, questioning, and disappearing them—in the so-called “709 Crackdown” that began on July 9, 2015.

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