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I went out with one woman just for a movie and a cup of coffee: no romance, no deep soul baring talks, no physical contact, just a movie.

I was the leader of the singles group and we held the Bible study in my home.

I mean, the Christian guys on my campus would date my closest friends, but skip over me.

Years later I found out they felt they weren't good enough for me.

I've found that there seems to be so much pressure in this area, that it's impossible to have a casual date.

I held a high position on the college magazine and somehow maintained a high GPA. I always thought guys would climb mountains to be with someone successful.

By the time I graduated college, I'd already purchased my own town home, had a great job, and was even doing some runway modeling.

In college, it was all about church, school, and work.

Besides all that, guys just didn't show interest in dating me.

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possibly purchasing a home, buying "real" furniture and a "real" car, having my own retirement plan, being more career focused — out of necessity, it seems — than I ever intended to be), and not waiting for some Knight to come rescue (i.e. I fully believe God is more in this issue than I realize, and that even if I move to some lonely island all by myself and let my teeth rot for lack of a brush and grow spiders in my hair, if God intends for me to be married, he'll provide.

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