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I’d recommend my amazing tattoo artist but you’re trash and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t work on trash .THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nick, This so called man girl here is nothing but Chatham trash.Loser b1tch went to cops because she was harassing ME haha Stupid rat that ratted on herself lol Makes sense doesn’t it ?

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She’ll constantly run her mouth about people but when the confront her she’ll run into her Jeep that she doesn’t pay for.

She constantly stalks people she has slept with and is a crazy psycho.

When she went to get her Jeep she needed a co signer and she was offering to sleep with men so one would co sign for her.

She works at YA and will leave on her breaks to stalk individuals. I’m sure the public health unit has seen lots of her since she has drds yuckkkkkk. Check out these sister junkies who will do absolutely anything you ask for a bump or the D1ck!

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