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Since the 1980s, members of Israel’s programs have used academic, religious, and government resources to teach Zionists rhetorical tactics and ideological strategies to defend Israel against criticism in social media and elsewhere (if you are reading this online, you may hear from them in the comments below).While translates as “explanation,” this Internet-era “public diplomacy” more often resembles old-school propaganda.For them, it boils down to power, which means money.Zionist money funds lobby groups and media watchdogs that attack the pro-Palestinian media.The problem with this linguistic warfare is that it re-entrenches existing positions.

In the middle of this iconic Canadian scene, a friend and I started chatting about Israel. How much responsibility should Palestinians take for their situation?Canadian Jews, while liberal in many ways, are surprisingly right wing when it comes to Zionism.According to a census analysis done in 2006, 25 percent of American Jews identify as Zionist, while 42 percent of Canadian Jews do.My Jewish friends are scared of lefties, and my lefty friends are scared of Zionists. A few years ago, I gave a talk in Los Angeles at the University of California’s Center for Near Eastern Studies, where I spent a semester during a post-doctoral fellowship.I was making the case that Israelis in the occupied territories misuse Holocaust memory when they argue that settling Palestinian land is necessary to guard against a second Holocaust.

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My friends argue that this creates a climate of antagonism, and that many media outlets systematically avoid the question of Israel because it’s too much hassle to deal with the backlash. Are my lefty friends saying Jews control the media?

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