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Amanda has been actively involved in major developments that have taken place in the city, such as the restoration of Lower Manhattan, rezoning plans, bettering transportation through the city, and providing access to waterfronts.Over the years, this fierce and brilliant woman has built a legacy in the very fabric of society that will weather the storms of time.Amanda has received an array of honors over the course of her life and career including an induction into the Best Dressed Lists Hall of Fame, a honorary doctorate from Pratt Institute, a 2005 Center for Architecture Award, a 2004 Smithsonian Museum Design Patron Award, an induction into the American Institute of Certified Planners, and the 2009 JC Nichols Prize for Visionaries in Urban Development.Amanda Burden has forged a legacy for herself in New York City and beyond thanks to her dedication to improving the design and character of communities in transformative and human-centric ways.After she graduated in 1976, she went after a master’s degree in urban planning at Columbia University.Her thesis on solid waste management was considered groundbreaking and was studied for years to come.Amanda Burden is an American socialite, city planner, and consultant who has been working with the prestigious consulting firm Bloomberg Associates, which focuses on helping governments around the world plan their cities in order to give the best possible life satisfaction to their residents.She has given her services to the people as a director of the City Planning Department of New York City.

Under her guidance, the department oversaw the rezoning of 40% of the city, development of the Brooklyn Waterfront, creation of the High Line Park and East River Esplanade, and several other developments across New York City.

The illustrious city planner was born as Amanda Jay Mortimer on January 18, 1944.

She is one of two children born to the Vogue Editor and socialite Babe Paley, and her then-husband, Stanley Grafton Mortimer Jr.

She is affiliated along with the architect works in her hometown.

She is also widely discussed for being the partner of Charles Rose and is also the principal of Bloomberg Associates and a philanthropist. Amanda jay Mortimer Burden is an urban planner and a consultant also a Principal at a global counseling administration named Bloomberg Associates.

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