Cathedral favorite machine old stitched updating window

There were some challenging moments but I loved the process and the fabrics.

I wanted to get some structure in there without actually doing any piecing.

Catholic artists are called to use their gifts and talents to best reveal the truth and beauty of the faith.

For the Church of Rome, the role of art and architecture was and has remained a tool of testimony.

It was warm enough yesterday to sit for a while and enjoy this little crabapple tree flowering in the garden.

Glad I did because today it's blowing a gale and there may be no blossoms left on by tonight!

That's exactly why I signed up - to get more proficient in areas where I am deficient!

While it is not strictly my style of quilt, it is a great source of practice and I am in awe of Sarah's sewing skills.

Anthony Visco is the director of the Atelier for the Sacred Arts where he designs and produces works for the liturgical environment.

In her latest book, How Catholic Art Saved the Faith: The Triumph of Beauty and Truth in Counter-Reformation Art, noted art historian Elizabeth Lev takes us through passages that art historians often neglect.

That is, how art assisted the Church and helped restore the faith with the Council of Trent.

The last chapter examines Michelangelo’s Last Judgment, which Lev calls “the ultimate Catholic response to the Protestant Reformation.” The book also includes a twenty-page set of short biographies of the major artists Lev discusses.

After the Protestant Reformation in 1517 and its destruction of sacred art, the Church had to defend its art.

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She has stitched three of each block (using different colour ways) and that is quite something, what with the difficulty of some recent blocks.

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