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Then, without fail, tell your board president about the entire incident, what steps you have taken and ask the board chair to follow the attorney's advice.

This counsel may include your chair having a private conversation with the dating board member, spelling out the potential problems and asking the board member to end the relationship or resign from his board position.

Remember: a board member is an executive leader in a nonprofit and makes decisions that can impact line staff.

Any romantic relationship between an executive leader (staff or volunteer) and a less powerful staff member can put the entire organization at risk of future harassment claims.

It certainly happens and it can be devastating to the victim.

You don't need tension with your receptionist, especially since she's the person you're ethically bound to protect. Make sure she doesn't feel that she already has a grievance or that she was compelled to date the board member. Hiding this type of issue or "minding your own business" can lead to later legal problems.

Even if this relationship has begun as consensual, what if she wants to stop seeing this board member, about the time you have unrelated budget cuts that eliminate her job? She could interpret these acts as retribution from leadership.

There are many other possible scenarios that could negatively impact the organization.

The advice column offers opinions about the peskier aspects of working in the nonprofit sector .

Dear Kathryn, I'm the executive director of a small nonprofit.

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