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In 2010, in a paper that’s already been cited over 450 times, Cuddy and her colleagues Andy Yap and lead author Dana Carney showed that after adopting one of two power poses for just one minute (either legs on desk/hands behind head or feet apart leaning on a desk) participants made riskier bets and had higher testosterone and lower cortisol, compared with participants who spent one minute in a low power pose (sitting with hands in lap or standing embracing oneself).

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Unfortunately, sometimes when other researchers have attempted to obtain these same influential findings, they’ve struggled.

This replication problem doesn’t just apply to famous findings, nor does it only affect psychological science.

w=300&h=199 300w, w=150&h=100 150w," sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" / (currently cited nearly 500 times) appeared to show that such a plan could work – among the bizarre findings that appeared to show established psychological effects working backwards in time, Darly Bem and his colleagues found that spending time learning words after a memory test actually boosted performance on that earlier memory test.

However, when Stuart Ritchie, Richard Wiseman and Chris French each independently attempted to replicate this finding, in each case using Bem’s original computer programme and materials, they were unsuccessful.

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“The incompatibility of psi with our current conceptual model of physical reality may say less about psi than about the conceptual model of physical reality that most non-physicists, including psychologists, still take for granted—but which physicists no longer do,” Bem and his team concluded.

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