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When once she would say ‘Mummy’, now it is unmistakably ‘Mommy’.It’s a small shift, but to my ears it sounds incredibly different.Maybe they weren’t even aware of the fact that they were doing it.It’s probably how most immigrants feel in their adopted country – even if your looks don’t mark you out, your speech will give the game away. Linguistic accommodation is modifying your speech so that it sounds more like the speech of your conversational partner. You can’t help but be influenced by the accent of the people around you, even if unconsciously.Browse Marketplace Ed Kushins Home “Home Exchange is using the integrations with Google Analytics, which allows for a more in-depth look into the visitor base, and Facebook, which lets visitors login to chat with their Facebook accounts.” Henry Reith Infiniti Telecommunications “Adding Live Chat to our Magento store was easy!Customers can contact us quicker than by calling or sending emails.Their accent was a connection to that world, and I’m losing it quickly.It’s probably why my Mexican father was so desperate to make sure we wouldn’t lose conversational Spanish.

Goodbye, Mummy I remember talking to a friend of mine in a London playground last year.It wasn’t very long ago that she sounded incredibly British, more specifically like a Londoner.I used to worry that she’d end up sounding Cockney if we stayed in the urban, gritty parts of the city where we lived.According to research (and I’ve not done much myself), the more you resemble your conversational partner – in attraction, likability and charisma, for instance – the more you are likely to modify your speech to suit theirs. Before I bore you with all this dry, academic stuff, I’ll veer into the more interesting.An article reprinted in The Guardian in 2003 (originally published in the Wall Street Journal) says that only small children can fully master a new accent, unlike their adult counterparts who are doomed to failure.

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