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Carrington, whose husband died several years ago, said she recently had dinner with an investment adviser she met through the service and felt drawn to him because of a shared experience with a family member's mental illness.'' Just to have someone in the running is nice,'' she said.

As it did for book buying and auctioning used toys, the Internet reduces the transaction costs of meeting romantic prospects.

Most online dating deception is of the run-of-the-mill variety.'' It's amazing how all women say they're slender when a lot of them are overweight,'' said one 79-year-old Manhattan man who lists himself as 69 on his profile.

A Culver City, Calif., woman who lists the adjacent, more upscale Santa Monica as her residence, said, '' I swear every time they put 5-10 you have to deduct 3 inches.'' But what is most persistently frustrating, veteran online daters say, is not so much the obvious lies as the difficulty in judging physical chemistry through virtual communication.'' Certain things look really good on paper,'' said Rebecca Hammond, a computer consultant in Manhattan who has met several boyfriends through

C., with a kind disposition and at least shoulder-length hair, JDate proved the perfect tool.

But as more people choose to marry later in life, few social institutions have arisen to replace the role that local communities, families and schools once played.

Internet dating may finally be stepping into that breach.'' The Internet gives the impression, and it may or may not be truthful, that you can find someone who is more specifically tailored to your desires,'' said David M.

Not prepared to cede the potential of a better love life to youth, older singles are also logging on to dating sites in growing numbers.'' We're at a time of life where nothing's structured where you can mingle,'' said Judith Carrington, a public relations executive who lists herself on as in her late-50's.

'' And as you get older it's hard to find a deep bond with people because you've had rich lives and you haven't lived them together.'' After a few unremarkable dates, Ms.

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  1. Some 6% of internet users who are in a marriage, partnership, or other committed relationship met their partner online—that is up from 3% of internet users who said this in 2005.