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But would she make gundams out of her gold shit bricks? But she’s a hot woman and definantly my typo so I excuse her. Well, let’s just say that this very real island isn’t so much of a tourist destination, for people atleast.Anyway moving along somewhere down the road she meets our real main character a man known solely as Pan (no he is not a pansexual…I think? It’s a hotspot for demons and let’s also say that demons love virgin blood (so if I was the one reading this review I’d run away by now).However, Island chooses the 3rd route the WTF route.Island is not about a romance between two insecure characters; Island is not an episodic character of the day routine.Now the bookshelves were formless and empty darkness spread over the weaboos as people grew tired of reading picture less books…Time skip billions of years later (yay no fillers) and you now find that we live in a world full of manga. But do you know what the anti-christ to all manga is? Poor, poor (repeat twice for dramatic effect) neglected and often forgotten manwha.He’s the primary reason I suggest you should read this manwha( I love saying manwha).

The story is pretty much told from her perspective, or at least with her as the primary focus. Don’t be fooled, he isn’t in it for good of us all, to be a hero or to save the world; he’s just in it for the lulz.

Here we have our female protagonist by default Miho who came on this island basically because she’s a spoiled rich bitch who has nothing to do but complain all day and make other people’s lives miserable(sort of like me, minus the rich and bitch parts of course).

Yup, she’s so rich she could sell her shit on ebay as gold bricks and have 99% positive feedback.

Now, now (repeat twice for dramatic effect) don’t get mad I know what you’re going to say reading sucks (and I really can’t blame you all reading is a bitch).

But don’t worry I already read this manwha so all you have to do is read my review (sounds like a fair deal right? So let’s get started with Island by In-Wan Youn (5 dollars if you can pronounce his name).

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