Adult bookstore chat

I'd check it for sores, and signs of things not being right.

And I'd take a good whiff, if it didn't smell good or right, I went no further.

The other day I spotted a light on in a booth and the door ajar a bit. Yes I was in a double booth and a good looking married guy opened my door.

I opened and a very hot straight looking guy with a wedding band on was sitting with his hard mushroom head cock in his hand. I told him he could come in because it wa a double and watch the straight porn I was watching with me.

well the wives in the first place should give it up more...

its healthy to have a high sex drive with your loved one.

The theaters attached to strip joints are the best, the straight guys would get horned up watching the show and come in to the booths for relief.

Alas, due to the internet, alot of our porno shops have closed down.

There are so many gays that hang out at the one I occasionally go to. Licked his balls and sucked him while sliding a wet finger in his hole. He sucked me with a finger in my ass till I Shot my load.

If the guy was repulsive to me, I would either wait for them to leave, or leave the booth myself and stand out in the hallway.

Next, when the cock comes through the hole (hard or soft) I'd give it the quick once over to make sure everything with it was all right.

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