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He has divided out as the holder of minimum of two record labels, playing as his own artists and repertoire (A&R) man.His work rating music for the film has been known by the music industry, especially with an award for co-writing the song “Accidentally in Love” released for the movie Shrek 2 from BMI.I start to offer up this precious lifehack nugget, but opt for something a little more provocative. “We’ve pretty much been on tour for the last 20 years,” he says.“Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Europe …” he reels off all the places they’ve been just since March.

“Somewhere Under Wonderland” is filled with names and places: New Orleans, Alex Chilton, Reno, Jack Johnson, Fredericksburg, Victor Frankenstein– Maria even makes a cameo. Tears begin gathering in my eyes, and I’m not sure what to say to Adam at this point, when he chimes in with a final thought.“You don’t have to pander to people to make your art,” Duritz says.“Be personal, because everyone else has hearts, too. I can write incredibly personal songs about my life and it turns out that other people are totally capable of relating to them. People are complicated beings.” The irony of the deeply personal nature of his lyrics, of course, is that Duritz suffers from a serious mental illness, depersonalization disorder, that makes him feel as if he is an outside observer to himself.By Brent Hill Photos by Danny Clinch August 5, 2015 Adam Duritz is sitting alone in a Miami hotel room surrounded by dirty laundry when he tells me how much he misses his bed.“I really like my bed back home,” he says over the phone. I’ve had it for like 12 years.” I feel an urge to quote a commercial I saw that recommends getting a new mattress every eight years. Adam, a seasoned interviewee, gracefully skirts my hard-hitting question.

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“You can’t use specific places and names they told me– other people won’t be able to relate. I’m just really glad they do.” There’s no reason that I, or any of Counting Crows’ fans, should be emotionally invested in the proper nouns of another man’s life.

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