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Make sure the meeting is transcribed and noted thoroughly with visual aids, or that CART or real-time captioning is provided.In an emergency situation, most environments are not set up to properly notify a deaf/Ho H employee.If they are expecting to get phone calls you can provide a phone that is capable of video relay calls if they know ASL or a text phone.There may also be computer applications that can help them communicate.Providing these accommodations can ensure that the deaf/Ho H employee can succeed in their position and produce their best possible work to the benefit of the company.

During the training process, providing captioning on all training videos will not only make them accessible to the deaf, it can actually help all new hires retain more information.Providing an agenda, presentation handouts and other written materials is also a good idea.Try to inform others in the meeting that they should avoid talking over each other and participate one at a time so it is clear who the speaker is.When setting up for a meeting, choose a space that will provide the deaf/Ho H employee with good visual access, with ample lighting and in direct line of sight if there is a primary speaker.Before the meeting begins, ask the employee how they would like to communicate and contribute in the meeting.

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Nor may an employer deny you a reasonable accommodation because the employer believes that you did not do something to improve your hearing.

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