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They must also consider the geographic location of rooms on the unit, need for continuity of care, and congruency between nurses’ expertise and patient needs.The calculated acuity scores guides nurse leaders at the bedside in deciding patient assignments, the number of clinical nurses for each shift, and can assist in planning for appropriate staffing levels.This means that workers have a legal right to take action either when bullying crosses the line into sexual harassment, or when it meets the legal definition of non-sexual harassment or discrimination on the basis of categories like: If you have further questions after reading this article, we invite you to contact us at Shouse Law Group.The Workplace Bullying Institute defines workplace bullying as repeated, health-harming mistreatment of one or more people in the workplace.If your complaints about bullying lead to you losing your job, you may have rights under California "wrongful termination" or FEHA retaliation laws.Or if the bullying you experience includes wage/hour or overtime violations, you have legal rights with respect to those as well.Workplace bullying is abusive conduct that falls into one of the following three categories: : Ramona accepts a new job at a small company. Several other employees of the company were good friends of the worker who was fired and resent Ramona for being her replacement.

Charge nurses or other designees collect patient data from the primary clinical nurses and calculate a total acuity score for each patient as well as the overall unit.

There is limited amount of research pertaining to nursing acuity tools.

Some tools are geared towards different levels of care.

Finally, speaking with an attorney can be helpful even if the workplace bullying you experience does not activate any specific legal rights given to California employees.

Sometimes the knowledge that you are exploring your legal options is all it takes for an employer to start paying attention to workplace bullying and its terrible effect on employee morale (as well as potentially on their bottom line).

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(This training is to be provided along with sexual harassment prevention training that employers are required to provide as part of their strategy to prevent harassment in the workplace.) Also, employees who are victims of workplace bullying may have a legal right to compensation if the bullying crosses the line into workplace harassment. Simply put, "hostile work environment" harassment is workplace bullying that is based on one of the protected categories covered under California's Fair Employment and Housing Act (the "FEHA").

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