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Have you ever noticed that the anxiety you experience before approaching a girl is much worse than the anxiety you experience after you start talking to her?

It’s your brain thinking that approaching a girl could have terrible consequences (like getting your head beat in by a nearby guy or getting ostracized from your social group), so your brain floods your body with negative emotions to get you to avoid taking that risk.

Playing to win means that you are actively taking steps towards reaching your goals.

It differs for each person, but generally it means that you’re interacting with women on a regular basis, and that you show sexual intent (meaning you don’t act like a platonic friend if that’s not what you’re looking for).

Personally, I make a point to exercise, interact with strangers, learn something new, and meditate every day.

Your personal strategy for sharpening the saw may be completely different, but even if you live a busy life, you can find time to put just a little effort into each of these areas- and your increased well-being will be worth the effort.

The notion of approaching women and taking social risks that could potentially lead to humiliation is something your brain is going to want to prevent you from doing.Men play not to lose because it seems safer than playing to win. It’s true that every time you don’t approach a girl you’re attracted to you avoid the risk of rejection. It’s important to understand that even if you choose not to act, you’re still playing the game, you’re just losing by default.Unfortunately, we think we will regret the times when we take a risk with a girl and it goes badly.But it’s quite the opposite, we regret when we don’t even try.I’ve been rejected countless times, and sure, it hurt sometimes, but not nearly as much as hurt when I didn’t even muster up the courage to take a risk. Playing to win doesn’t guarantee success, but a real rejection feels much better than a passive rejection.

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Mastering one area of your life while neglecting another is like mastering shooting in basketball but being unable to pass the ball.

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