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The club was formed on June 15, 1859, but the team’s first game was delayed a week because the ball did not arrive on time from Melbourne – the team had its first official game on June 22 on the Cricket Ground Barkers Creek.

Castlemaine’s founding date was only discovered in 2007, making it older than the Geelong Football Club, which was believed to be formed earlier.

Until the discovery of the Castlemaine Football Club’s founding, Ballarat was believed to be the third oldest non-universtiy football club in Australia – it is the fifth oldest if you count Melbourne University’s club.

Over the next decade Ballarat played games on a social basis, but moved toward more formal competition around 1874.

Hallam has always played its home games on the grounds on Sandygate Road, which is the oldest football ground according to Guinness World Records.

The origin of the team dates back to 1858 when members of the Victoria cricket team formed a loosely organized football team.

Tom Wills, the captain of the cricket team called for the formation of a “foot-ball club” with its own “code of laws” to keep cricketers fit during winter.

The club joined the Bendigo Football League in 1925 and remains a part of that league today.

The Melbourne Football Club is the oldest football club in Australia and is one of the founding clubs of the Australian Football League.

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