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"The Angolan government has promised to build one million homes by 2012, including 120,000 low cost homes," Mingas said.

"We hope the presentation of the exhibition in Luanda will lead to concrete project," said Triennale director Mateus.

Others came as "auto-assembly" kits, meaning they could be built quickly and cheaply.

"The main difficulty was grasping the reality of Angolan life," said Angela Mingas, an Angolan architect and jury member who examined all entries.

"Several of the plans were extremely interesting from an architectural point of view, but totally unsuited to our climate, our understanding of the family and above all the needs of people in the musseques," she said.[1break!

] A key criterion was to design a home that would capture the more positive aspects of the life in slums, their unique character, despite often lacking basic necessities like water and reliable electricity, said Joao Luis Carrilho da Graca, the Triennale’s curator. There is an urban tissue with its own qualities, which is inspiring," he said.

The array of different designs reflected the diverse origins of the architects themselves.

The word "Angola" derives from the title used by the rulers of the Ndongo state.

The title ngola was first mentioned in Portuguese writings in the sixteenth century.

About a million residents have died because of the war.

Nonetheless the population has increased considerably. In 1973 there were 5.6 million residents; by 1992 that number had risen to 12.7 million.

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Lisbon has maintained close ties with its former colony, which was wracked by 27 years of civil war after independence in 1975 and remains scarred by a war that displaced tens of thousands of residents.

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